What are Karla’s Silhouette Body Shaping Garments?

With Karla’s Body Shaping Garments,, your body changes in minutes. We offer the best garments for postpartum, semi-orthopedic garments, girdles and reshaping and measure reducing garments for men as well.

How can Karla’s Silhouettes Body Shaping Garments help you?

This body shaping garments have been usesd my men and women for years and its succes is because they are specially designed for bodies that need to improve all bodily aspects. • They support the spine • They Shape and improve the body part you want.

Can you lose weight using these body shaping garments?

To achieve the expected benefits is advisable to wear Karla’s Silhouette Body Shaping Garments for 3 hours a day for the first week and gradually increase the time up to 8 hours and then get used to permanently wear them as much as you want to.

What benefits you get by using our body shaping garments?

• Shape your body instantly • Reduces up to 3 sizes and in some cases 4 sizes • It benefits the lumbar region alleviating and avoiding twists and backaches • Help correct posture • Tune your body lines • Helps eliminate fat crotch • Lifts up the buttocks • Sets the fatty tissue and to prevent this buildup • Draining gas , air and water retained • Help to lose weight that will not let you eat more , just enough SHOP ONLINE NOW!